About US

Our Story

Olive + Scout is a family-run baby clothing brand that started in 2019. It was originally founded as a boutique offering baby clothes and brands that we liked, but once the pandemic hit in 2020 and we were unable to get clothing, we decided to make the leap to creating and selling our own line exclusively.

As our new line of clothing took off, we were no longer able to fulfill orders from our basement and moved into our first warehouse in 2021.

Growth continued thanks to the amazing support of our customers and in 2022 we had to move into an even larger space.

With more styles and more designs being added each year, our business continues to grow and we can't thank you enough for being a part of our journey.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer high-quality baby clothes with designs that any adult would love to wear. We select premium fabrics so your little one's outfits can be worn over and over again and become the most coveted hand-me-downs in the family.

We design all of our clothes with the goal of putting your little one in something they'll love to wear and you'll love to see them in. Our unique styles will help your little one stand out and get them all the compliments they deserve.

We hope you like what we’ve created and thank you for checking us out.